Snowcrest 450 Rigby
 Whelped: 5/22/16 Coat: Smooth  Color: Tri JRTCA# 0113-17A Height: 12.5"
Snowcrest Catch 22 X Snowcrest Ackley


Snowcrest Superstition "Stitch"

*Retired and living in California

Whelped: 08/11/06    Coat: Smooth  Color: Tri  JRTCA# 0630-07A  Height: 13"  
Ivy Hill Taboo X Salishan Mnyama "Nya"
We are extremely proud of Stitch...
He place 1st in conformation 2008 Nationals in
Havre De Grace, MD

Snowcrest True Blue "True"
Whelped: 02/24/10    Coat: Smooth  Color: white  JRTCA# 251-11A  Height: 12.5"  

Snowcrest Superstition X Snowcrest Dixie Blues

Snowcrest Catch 22
Snowcrest Catch 22 "Catch"
Whelped: 10/31/2010   Coat: broken Color: Tri  JRTCA# 0341-11A  Height: 12" 
NHC to Ground Hog

Snowcrest Catcher X Snowcrest Shine On

We are extremely proud of Catch...
He place 1st in "Open" conformation 2012 and 1st in "Working" 2013 Nationals in
Haggerstown, MD


Snowcrest Wasp

Whelped: 12/28/10 Coat: broken Color: White JRTCA# 059-0A Height: 13.75"

Snowcrest Superstition X Snowcrest Mia

We are extremely proud of Wasp...
He place 1st in Open conformation 2013 Nationals in
Hagerstown, MD

* Wasp is co-owned and lives with Debra Howe of Red Feather Terriers




Snowcrest Nova
Whelped: 03/23/2011   Coat: rough   Color: Tri   JRTCA# 204-12A   Height: 12"

Snowcrest Superstition X Snowcrest Dynamite(Treesbank Blueprint X Treebank Lucy)

* Nova is co-owed  and lives with Jen Ross



Bane of Red Feather

Whelped: 07/28/12 Coat: broken  Color:Tri JRTCA# 226-13A Height: 13"  Breeder: Linda Quinn

Little Eden Magic X Quinn's Phoenix

* Bane is co-owned and lives with Debra Howe 

Red Feather Kennel is owned by Debra Howe & Colleen Reeder



Snowcrest Hudson Hornet

Whelped: 03/15/13 Coat: broken Color: White JRTCA# 278-14A Height: 12.75"

Snowcrest Nova X Snowcrest Shine On